In the production of the frames, made entirely in Italy from Lastes Group Ltd, historical Company in the field, techonological innovation is associated with the care and the attention dedicated to the product handmade by the most expert craftsmen of Italian eyewear. The models Full Moon and New Moon are made in Bioplastic M49® by Mazzucchelli. This ecofriendly product is a Cellulose Acetate – the most widely spread organic compound in nature, produced from cotton and wood-pulp fibres – manufactured under a new formulation using substances from renewable sources.

M49® keeps all the aesthetical and performance characteristics of the traditional acetate; it can be worked without modifying the productive process of the frame. M49® is phthalate-free and is therefore compatible with other polymers, such as the polycarbonate.


The model Waning Moon is in milled metal, hand made with particular attention to grant the half Moon rounded effect. The nose pads are made of titanium, to ensure more comfort resting on the nose.

The model Waxing Moon of metal is produced by photofabrication, lightweight, also with titanium nose pads.

At the center of the front (at the sixth Chakra) there is the incision of a graphic archaic element, symbolizing the phases of the moon, and the application of a Moonstone, which is considered a gem of insight and deep understanding, that emphasizes the freedom of expression. 

This stone has feminine energy (YIN) and brings emotional peace, serenity and harmony. It is considered a lucky stone, capable of attract Love.

All models are produced in limited edition and report on the right terminal the serial number, which makes them unique. On the left terminal the Taijitu, symbol of the Tao, that depending on the color referring to different elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).